Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were girls soccer tryouts for spring soccer. Now I have been playing soccer since I could walk so of course I was going to tryout. Monday came and I was so nervous because all I thought about was making the team because I thought if I didn’t I wasn’t good enough. Tuesday came and I realized I can’t have a mindset like that. I had a mindset thinking “if I make it” when I needed to start having a mindset of “when I make it”. So on Tuesday of tryouts I changed my mindset and played just like I would play in a game. Wednesday came and of course everyone was dying to know if they made it and what team they were going to be on. All the suspense was killing us. The end of tryouts came I got the letter and opened it…. I had made it. Turns off I may actually be good after all:)

We Define Ourselves

He was there then he wasn’t. He was “there for us” at his own convenience when he had nothing else better to do. Me being his first child and only daughter, I was the one who experienced it all first. My two little brothers came after me and I swore to protect them like a momma bear would protect her own cubs. It was the promises he made to us three that he could never keep. The three of us being beautiful stained glass and him, our father, shattering us to millions of pieces. I was the one to fix my brothers glass and step on every last piece of glass so that they would never have to experience that kind of pain at such a young age.

Age Six: I believed he was our hero, strong like the hulk and could fly like superman. It was us 4 (plus my mom) all of us against the world. I thought he would always protect us and never let us get hurt. No one could compare to our dad, he was the best there could possibly be. The joy he brought us, the smiles he put on our faces; all only at age six.

When I started to grow up I realized he does not define who we are. He may be our dad by blood but that is it. A true dad is not your dad connected by blood, but connected by heart.

Age Seven: We were all blessed when our mom got married to whom we now call our dad. He has taught me not to rely on someone or let them define who you are. You are your own person and you can not let anyone tell you who to be, or what you can and can not be. in the end you should always have a smile on your face, and not let anyone take your joy from you.

Age Fifteen: No one has seen me without a smile on my face. I always stay positive in the bad situations and do not let other peoples opinions define who I am as a person. Only I can say and decide who I am and what I want to be because this is just the beginning. And all of our beautiful stained glass can be fixed.

Rough morning…

I woke up and ate breakfast.

got dressed and did my hair.

The last thing I had to do was put my makeup on, as most girls know what you put mascara on it can get all clumpy and your eyelashes stick together. Well my eyelashes were stuck together bad so I had an idea… I took baby sharp eyebrow scissors, opened my eye wide and stuck the scissors through my eyelashes and open them so that they would separate. Then I was going to move the scissors away from my eye but instead I closed the scissors just enough for them to catch a piece of my eyeball.

All of a sudden I threw the scissors on my bed and my eye shut close. It would not stop watering, then all of a sudden I look at my hand and it is blood coming out of my eye. The first think that popped in my head was [I am going to be blind] I mean who wouldn’t think that? I was crying blood… eventually I got the bleeding to stop and I opened my eye just a tiny bit to where I could see, then shut it close because of the pain. I am just thankful I am not blind. And note to anyone in the future if I were you I would just go to school with clumpy eyelashes.

Book Review

My favorite book ever since I was in elementary is “Because Of Winne-Dixie”. I read this book at my old school in about 4th grade and by the first few chapters I knew it was my favorite. My favorite character is Opal, she is the most positive and kind hearted person in the book. She really relates to me. I recommend this book to dog lovers of all kinds.

About me…

My nickname is Gabby, but my mom calls me Gabriella when I am in trouble. My favorite color is blue, like a bright sea blue. My favorite animal is an elephant. I have 6 siblings named Devyn, Jordyn, Sydeny, Carter, Tyler, and Logan, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the second oldest. Devyn is the oldest and she is seventeen, a senior in highschool. I am a freshman in highschoool.

Ever since my papa passed away he told me to always smile. Since the day he left and went to spend the rest of his time in a better place I have always had a smile on my face. I am energetic, fun, loving, caring, bubbly, and the most smiley/happy person you would ever come to meet.

My favorite subject in schools is math, my second is ASL (american sign language). When I grow up I want to be an ASL interpreter for little deaf kids at schools. I am Italian and Mexican. My abula can hardly speak English so she teaches me Spanish. My favorite food is tortillas, or really any kind of Mexican food.

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