About me…

My nickname is Gabby, but my mom calls me Gabriella when I am in trouble. My favorite color is blue, like a bright sea blue. My favorite animal is an elephant. I have 6 siblings named Devyn, Jordyn, Sydeny, Carter, Tyler, and Logan, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I am the second oldest. Devyn is the oldest and she is seventeen, a senior in highschool. I am a freshman in highschoool.

Ever since my papa passed away he told me to always smile. Since the day he left and went to spend the rest of his time in a better place I have always had a smile on my face. I am energetic, fun, loving, caring, bubbly, and the most smiley/happy person you would ever come to meet.

My favorite subject in schools is math, my second is ASL (american sign language). When I grow up I want to be an ASL interpreter for little deaf kids at schools. I am Italian and Mexican. My abula can hardly speak English so she teaches me Spanish. My favorite food is tortillas, or really any kind of Mexican food.

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