In the beginning….

In the beginning I saw writing  as a useless thing that people do.I never intended to like it as much as I do now. Writing has changed the way I view things and how I write new pieces going forward. Writing for me now is a way to express myself and the way I feel. I can let out all of my emotions and thoughts in my head and just be free and have fun with things. My journey as a writer had greatly improved, everything from my grammar to use of imagery and dialogue. My writing style is very descriptive and I try and give as much detail as possible so that my readers can really engage on what I am expressing. I also always try and make my pieces about something that has either happened to me or is about my thoughts and feelings.

The piece I chose is a abecedarian poem including all letter A to Z in the alphabet. I did this poem on my little siblings (as you can see above). My little siblings are the ones who inspired me to write this because they look up to me when it comes to school, advice, or just plainly anything. I don’t want to write something random when I have the time to write, I like to write about something that means to me or something I value. My little brother and sister are two people in my life that I value so much and two people that I would protect with my life. Now personally I know highschool can be hard, I mean I am living it right now. I just wanted to write a poem that could give advice to them about life and high school that hopefully they will use one day. That is why I chose a abecedarian poem.

Advice for my younger siblings:

Always be you

Be kind

Care for others

Don’t let others bring you down

Everyone makes mistake

Forget the past

Give to others

Help others

Invent something new

Joke around

Know your worth

Let people help you

Make sure to help mom

Never disrespect mom

Open up to people

Prepare yourself for high school

Quit trying to impress people

Remember the good times

Say please and

Thank you

Use your manners

your Voice is heard

Watch your language

eXit a bad environment

You need to let

Zero toxic people into your life

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